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  • Peter Kam Fai Cheung SBS

The Concept

Around this time seven years ago, I developed the concept of multi-point international trading of intellectual property via Hong Kong. As the head of the public intellectual property agency in Hong Kong, I saw my role to add more and better public value in the intellectual property context. I believed my concept if proved could scale up Hong Kong's professional services on all fronts.

To test and prove my creative concept, I needed to align values, enhance capacity with strategic partners and get endorsement within the government machinery. I worked tirelessly to market the concept to build a coalition, getting in general positive feedback. The challenge however was from my subordinates as the initiative was something that they needed not do.

I appreciated my agency's establishment strength was only good to discharge traditional functions. To achieve more with less, I would market my concept in conferences and suggested that as the common goal all actors in the intellectual property ecosystem should seek to achieve. The initiative gradually got momentum, as evidenced in some public and private partnerships, locally and internationally.

In Hong Kong, the concept might be early to the market as there are traditional choices to generate recurrent revenue streams. In the mainland, however, interested stakeholders have not been slow to recognize the concept by providing reasonable capacity and support to make it happen. I was in Guangzhou on May 12, 2018 and incidentally facilitated the establishment of a Greater Bay powerful coalition!

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